RP Thread, who's up for it?

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RP Thread, who's up for it?

Post by Alexander Moses on Tue Apr 17, 2012 9:26 pm

As we wait for the game to come up how about we practice role playing here.

I'll try to start:

Summer morning in the Kanto region of Japan, life goes on as it always has, people get out of bed, have breakfast, go to work, school, college, or stay at home reading the newspaper, looking for jobs, watching TV. But one thing seems to have changed from the usual monotony of the world, the News station are reporting deaths of many criminals, the average person wouldn't be far too interested in a news like this, many could actually be relieved, but there's one strange thing about these many deaths, they all have one thing in common, all these criminals died of heart attacks apparently out of nowhere. In prisons, on the street, even during robberies. Could this possibly mean anything? Is there possibly a pattern emerging?
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