[unnamed Roleplay compiliation]

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[unnamed Roleplay compiliation]

Post by Admin Old on Fri Oct 22, 2010 12:28 am

The compiled going on of the roleplay currently between Matt, Omnis and I and we're looking for more <3 So MSN me if you'd like to join. I'll update whenever I get the chance.

A teenage boy stands in his bedroom. It is very likely that today, the 21st of October, is not this young man's birthday. However, he is at least 17 years of age, but still is unnamed!

What will the name of this young man be?

Matt Peters

You stand around in your room and decide to look around.

Your name is MATT. As previously mentioned you are SEVENTEEN. A variety of DUCK MEMORIBILIA is scattered about your room. You have a variety of PECULIAR INTERESTS. You are an avid user of the COMPUTER, and you like to play ONLINE GAMES. You enjoy spending time with your FRIENDS and find enjoyment in speaking with people ONLINE.

You decide to go to your computer and log on to PESTERCHUM, your favourite chat client. You open the window and search your list to see if anyone is online, and you see your friend armBreaker is logged on, so you initiate conversation.

-- drillDuck [DD] began pestering armBreaker [AB] at 21:57 --
DD: hi you there?
AB: Hey whats up?
DD: nothing much, i just wanted to see who was on
DD: what about you?
AB: meh, life has been killing me @-@
DD: lol. i smell something burning, better go check it out. c u later
-- drillDuck [DD] is now an idle chum! --

We see standing in his room a boy of about FOURTEEN years of age, but we're not too sure who it is. We should give him a name, shouldn't we?

What is the name of this boy?


Zane has a variety of INTERESTS. He enjoys playing ONLINE GAMES with his friend MATT. He spends the majority of his free time on his COMPUTER and is interested in OBSCURE MANGA THAT NOBODY BUT HIM LIKES. People find him rather strange but he claims its simply being an INDIVIDUAL.

Zane decides to stare blankly at his laptop screen and pester Matt to find out when he'll be back, or what's going on.

AB: Matt?
AB: Hellooooo?
AB: is everything alright?

Matt is wandering around his room, looking at his gigantic drill and duck collection. In fact, he is in so much awe at his marvelous collection, that he has completely forgotten why he went idle on pesterchum in the first place. He decides to check his pesterchum yet again as he has the feeling he's being spammed.

DD: ok ok im here
AB: where were you?
DD: looking at my collection y?
AB: ...wasn't there a burning smell or something?
DD: .. o ya
DD: i'll be back

AB: ....*facepalm* Matt.....
-- drillDuck [DD] is now an idle chum! --

As Matt is now an idle chum yet again, Zane is left with nothing to do. He decides to pick up a book for his English class before he completely forgets about it.

Meanwhile, Matt goes downstairs to the kitchen, wondering what was making that small. He facepalms himself when he realizes that he left the stove to cook the cookies he was baking, and now they were nothing but a charred mess. He grabbed one and let out a manly tear, sad that his creation had come to an end.

As Matt cleans up his BEAUTIFUL COOKIES, he then gets a realization that he has a PACKAGE coming to him in the mail. If he's correct, it's the new SBURB BETA he's been waiting for weeks to receive! Perhaps it's finally come, he's been so excited.

Matt remembers he's getting a wicked new game in the mail called the SBURB beta soon! He runs back upstairs and checks who's online to tell all of his chums about the fact that he'll soon own the brand new game!

DD: omg guess what i remembered
AB: wut?
DD: the sburb beta is coming soon
DD: cant wait to play!!!!

AB: ...the what?
DD: you dont know what sburb is?
DD: get out
DD: just get out

AB: I've just never heard of it ;-;
DD: ...
DD: google it
DD: bye
AB: You know me, im always out of the loop
DD: yeah but I thought you would know about this thing
DD: okay so
DD: you know NOTHING about sburb?

AB: sadly no
DD: get it neway

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Re: [unnamed Roleplay compiliation]

Post by Admin Old on Sun Oct 24, 2010 8:52 pm

The next day, around 5 PM EST...

MATT logs on to PESTERCHUM and notices someone else online, someone by the chumhandle of cuddlyNepenthe.

That would of course be his friend KATIE. She was born SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO and lives with her BRO in a SEASIDE COTTAGE with a LARGE TARGET which is BASICALLY ON HER BACK She, unlike MATT and ZANE, lives in ENGLAND which is RATHER FAR AWAY.

-- drillDuck [DD] begins pestering cuddlyNepenthe [CN] at 17:53 --
DD: did you know AB never heard of sburb?
DD: he also said he was out of "the loop", what a weirdo

CN: He always reckons he''s out of ""the loop"".
DD: ya whatever that means
CN: I guess he just doesn''t take as much of an interest in games as us?
DD: i dunno, he just says he's brainless or w/e
CN: Can''t disagree with that one.
DD: um so
DD: you get your sburb yet?

CN: Still in the mail,, stupid overseas shipping and all that nonsense.
DD: ok
DD: some1 is at the door, be back soon

-- drillDuck [DD] ceases pestering cuddlyNepenthe [CN] at 17:56 --

With Matt now gone, Katie opens up a game of Spider Solitaire, instantly closes it, and instead peruses her Chumroll. This fine night, it would appear that only drillDuck and neoPanda are around. The former has, as was previously mentioned, gone to answer the door. That leaves the latter... augh, wading through that mess of leetspeak will be a chore.

-- cuddlyNepenthe [CN] began pestering neoPanda [NP] at 18:01 --
NP: 900D 3V3N1N9 M155
CN: You must be psychic,, how''d you beat me to it again?
NP: 1'M N07 5UR3
NP: AND 1'V3 AC7UALLY 907 70 83 8ACK 1N A 817 70 90 70 A PAR7Y 0R WHA73V3R
NP: 7ALK 70 Y0U LA73R 0R 1LL 83 0N MY PH0N3 0R 50M37H1N9

-- neoPanda [NP] ceases pestering cuddlyNepenthe [CN] at 18:02 --

neoPanda, who goes by the name of KARLEY is of FOURTEEN years of age. She had just left for a PARTY for her friend's birthday but DOESN'T PARTICULARLY LIKE PARTIES ANYWAY. She would rather be PESTERING PEOPLE from the comfort of her own home.

Later on NP and CN had another conversation on the go, and are both left CONFUSED at the whereabouts of Matt who said he'd be ANSWERING THE DOOR but seems to have not returned.

By the time the next day rolled around, the copies of SBURB BETA were rolling in. DD had received his early in the morning, however NP decided to GO TO HIS HOUSE early in the morning and STEAL his copy from his mailbox, a plan she formulated the night before. She decided to BLAME IT ON ZANE as she does very often, and convinced DD that it was ALL AB'S IDEA.

DD decides to ORDER ANOTHER COPY and realizes he will get his last but will STILL GET TO PLAY. Later that day, CN receives her copy of Sburb BY BOAT and installs both the SERVER SOFTWARE and the CLIENT SOFTWARE. NP connects to CN and decides to TEST OUT SBURB.

She REMOTELY VIEWS CN and sees her house and everything around her. She is given a menu with many options and appears to be able to FUCK WITH HER ENVIRONMENT. She ends up DESTROYING HALF OF ONE OF HER WALLS and then badly fixing it. Afterwards she makes SEVERAL GIANT PHALLIC STATUES, much to CN's dismay. She ends up destroying it all and thinks it's a better idea if CN connects to her instead.

Meanwhile, DD and AB are HANGING OUT and doing WEIRD GAY THINGS which probably includes ANGER SEX, because there was lots of ARGUING OVER DUMB THINGS and DD TRYING TO DESTROY AB'S HOUSE. In the meantime, CN actually FIGURES OUT SBURB and builds an extension on NP's house which is REALLY AWESOME. They then decide to BE JERKS and TRAP AB AND DD IN SAID EXTENSION for the sake of dark humour.

AB searches through a SERIES OF TUNNELS below his house which AB, DD, and NP go exploring in, and CN views it remotely. The group has their first run in with IMPS which, upon being defeated, give them more BUILD GRIST amongst other things, which helps with adding things on. AB gets his copy of Sburb in the mail, which NP of course TAKES FROM HIM JUST TO BE A BITCH.

After CN made her feel bad about taking it, NP decides to RETURN THE COPY OF SBURB and AB installs it.

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Re: [unnamed Roleplay compiliation]

Post by Admin Old on Wed Oct 27, 2010 1:57 am

-- neoPanda [NP] began pestering armBreaker [AB] at 6:16 --
NP: 900D FUCK1N9 3V3N1N9
AB: And a good evening to you too, NP
NP: H0W AR3 Y0U 7H15 F1N3 3V3N1N9
AB: I'm fine, and you?
NP: 900D. 1N57ALL 58UR8 Y37?
AB: Yup
NP: 0H D1D Y0U 7RY 17 0U7 Y37?
AB: Not yet, I was just about to when you pestered me
NP: H3H 0H C00L, Y0U 90NNA 83 A 53RV3R 0R A CL13N7
AB: Hmmm... I was thinking about being a server
NP: 1N73R3571N9
NP: 1N WH1CH CA53 Y0U'D 8357 937 1N C0N7AC7 W17H KA713

AB: She's a client?
NP: 5H3'5 807H
NP: 5H3'5 MY 53RV3R

AB: Ah

And with that, AB finally used Sburb and connected to CN as her SERVER PLAYER. However, he quickly went AFK afterwards, and after being gone for a while, CN ended up just connecting to NP and deploying the basics instead, including a Totem Lathe and Alchemiter, which both looked rather heavy which worried NP.

CN: Apparently this and the Totem Lathe and Alchemiter don''t cost anything.
NP: 7HA75 PR377Y C00L, Y0U 5H0ULD MAK3 7H3M 7H3N, 8U7 P3RHAP5 N0N7 ALL 0N MY R00F
NP: 1 D0N'7 F33L L1K3 DY1N9 QU173 Y37

CN: Where else is there space for them?
CN: Oh wait,, don''t worry.

NP: 1'M K1ND 0F W0RR13D R39ARDL355 0F WHA7 Y0U 5AY 8U7 F33L FR33 70 D0 WHA73V3R Y0U'D L1K3
NP: 0H MY........
NP: 1 D0N'7 7H1NK MY H0U53 CAN 5UPP0R7 7H15 A7 ALL 8U7 AW350M3 07H3RW153
NP: WHA7 1N 7H3 W0RLD.

After all of this, AB was still AFK for some unknown reason, and after consulting with CN about it, NP decides to take a somewhat lengthy trip over to AB's house with intentions of PUNCHING HIM IN THE FACE. She ends up getting LOCKED IN HIS CREEPY BASEMENT because the whole plan was a DUMB IDEA ANYWAY. Instead of doing something intelligent like trying to get out she instead PUTS SAND ALL OVER AND INSIDE OF HIS HOUSE which PISSES HIM OFF. She apologizes and after he cleans it up DOES IT AGAIN.

The next day, AB wakes up to find that he FORGOT ALL ABOUT THE SAND and has to CLEAN IT UP. NP offers to HELP CLEAN and takes the trip over to his house. She apologizes and says she feels bad about it all and OFFERS TO DIG HIM A POND as an apology. She digs a pond and a small tunnel under it, which can be accessed from behind a tree. AB, instead of looking outside at the pond, decides to JUMP IN THE TUNNEL and get angry and claim that it was NP's plan all along though it REALLY WASN'T but she PRETENDED IT WAS ANYWAY because it seemed like a good idea. She had no idea how to get him out so instead logged onto his computer while he pondered what he'd do in the meantime, knowing he'd get out soon.

She attempts to impersonate AB and talk to his friends, but fails miserably. She then decides to access the open Sburb window and build a bridge of fucking rainbows in CN's house, deploy the Cruxtuder, and attempt to dig a basement, all in an attempt to WASTE BUILD GRIST. She ended up destroying it all though and the session was terminated before she could do anything with the RANDOM DEEP HOLE in CN's house. Through this AB decides to get on Pesterchum on his phone and instant message his friends looking for a way out which he SOON AFTER ACHIEVES.

After he finds his way out, NP is scolded from both CN and AB for being a general HUGE BITCH. Bluh bluh. She actually ends up feeling KIND OF BAD about it and decides to attempt to remedy the situation. Before she leaves for AB's house yet again, she notices someone else is on Pesterchum, someone by the chumhandle of girthOak.

This boy goes by the name of GARY OAK, much like the boy from POKEMON. He has a variety of INTERESTING INTERESTS that include ROLEPLAYING, ACTING, and READING MANGA. If you think about it, somewhat similar to ZANE upon first impression, but it turns out to be VERY UNTRUE.

NP decides to message him, telling him to meet at AB's house, which they do. Upon arrival, the three go into Zane's lounge, and get comfortable. They quickly brief GO on what he's missed in his WEEK'S ABSENCE. He was gone for a week and has missed MANY GOING ONS of his friend group, namely things about Sburb, which left him rather confused. After being caught up to date NP decided to ask the group how she could improve herself so CN wouldn't dislike her, which quickly turns from actual discussion into a round of THROWING AROUND INSULTS which causes her to leave, and eventually GO does as well.

In the end, AB, GO, and NP SORT OUT THEIR ISSUES with eachother for the most part, though the obvious underlying hate is STILL THERE but for now all is well. They decided to call it a night and talk the next day.

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Re: [unnamed Roleplay compiliation]

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